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Kinematics from Nervous System on Vimeo.

From MA-based generative design studio, Nervous System:
"Today we are releasing a jewelry collection and an accompanying customization app built upon our Kinematics concept. We’re also releasing a free to use app for desktop 3D printers.”

Music companion to the video art installation and book, In Between States: field notes and speculations on postwar landscapes.

Download the album:

Video trailer:
About the book:



Paul Amitai’s In Between States is a work of personal and historical investigation and speculation, a detective story that merges contemporary field recording, archival documents, and fictional writings. The book examines the relationship between two adjacent sites – a post-World War II displaced persons camp and a present-day corporate industry park located outside of Frankfurt. In Between States also presents an alternate version of the camp as a space station orbiting Earth, devised through collaboration between governments and corporations. 

Frankfurt Mars is a Dual Exhibition, Book Launch & Performative Reading coming up at Eyebeam Storefront on Thursday, November 14, 6pm – 9pm.

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In Between States - Official Trailer (2013) from Paul Amitai on Vimeo.

A refugee camp orbiting Earth, devised through government and corporate collaboration. View newly discovered video transmissions at Eyebeam (540 West 21st Street, NYC), November 14 - December 7, 2013.


On-site image hacking at Open(Art), Eyebeam NYC Launch Party, made with pixelshaders.

Open(Art) is a joint initiative launched by Eyebeam and Mozilla to support creativity at the intersection of art and the open web.

The Open(Art) Exhibition runs from now until August 10th, in NYC.

About the Projects & Workshops

Meemoo brings the power of app development to everyone.
Forrest Oliphant - "I want to blur the line between developer and user and allow more people to create different kinds of media."

Pixel Shaders
Pixel Shaders harnesses the graphics processing unit (GPU) for artistic purposes.

Toby Schachman - "This is one of the key areas where the artistic community can contribute to the computer science communities."

BOMfu is a collaborative web repository for open hardware projects.
Nortd Labs (Addie Wagenknecht and Stefan Hechenberger) -" Making all of the tools better pushes up what can be built. The better the tools are, the more complex the projects."


My photos from F.A.T. Lab’s FAT GOLD: Five Years of Free Art & Technology opening at Eyebeam Art + Technology, 4/1/13.

“Release early, often and with rap music. This is Notorious R&D.” —F.A.T. Lab

Celebrating more than five years of thug life, pop culture, and R&D, the renegade art organization known as the Free Art & Technology Lab, or F.A.T. Lab, is going GOLD. F.A.T. GOLD, that is. From April 1–20 Eyebeam Art & Technology Center will present the acclaimed work of F.A.T. Lab. Organized by Lindsay Howard, Eyebeam Curatorial Fellow, the exhibition invites the public to experience and engage with the collective’s groundbreaking projects.

F.A.T. GOLD brings together an international group of twenty-five collaborators comprised of artists, hackers, engineers, musicians, and graffiti writers, many of whom have been involved with the organization as residents, fellows, or collaborators, for a week-long residency at Eyebeam. The influential group—who’ve collectively and independently received prestigious honors such as the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award, Japan Media Arts Award, Transmediale Award, Prix Ars Electronica, Emmy Award, and TIME Magazine’s “World’s Most Influential Person”—will be onsite daily during the week of April 1, participating in panels, hackathons, and collaborative pieces.

So basically this show is everything I love, all in one gallery space. Couldn’t be happier.

Future Documentary Sandbox

REACT’s Future Documentary Sandbox in the UK supports three months of funded research and development into potentially the next big thing: your idea around the future of documentary.

Open(Art) call for proposals

Just a few more days to submit proposal for Open(Art), a new initiative from Mozilla and Eyebeam. Art + open web = inspiring new collaborative work. More information available here:

Mostly Robot. Whoa, this is a real electronic audiovisual supergroup.

Kinect + digital SLR = pretty insane 3-D visuals

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